3 Fabulous Drink Stations For Your Wedding Or Event

3 Fabulous Drink Station Ideas For Your Wedding Or Event

When it comes to planning your wedding it’s often the personal touches that can make all the difference. An increasingly popular request is to have a specialised bar area serving the couple’s favourite tipple and incorporating this into the wedding with coordinated style and decor. 

You can choose when during the day you would like your drink station to serve - it can work well for post ceremony drinks, after your wedding breakfast or during your evening reception.

And there is no reason why this is limited for weddings - birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of private events may find this a welcome addition to their celebration.

So what drinks work well for these specialised bars?

1. Gin Bars

Brits' increasing love for gin saw it overtake vodka as the best selling spirit a few years back. And the popularity for gin is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact there has been an increasing number of British gin distilleries opening in recent years and a huge rise in alternative flavours available.

Our mixologist will delight your guests with flavours and aromas to suit their taste buds and garnish with fresh fruit. It’s sure to be a winner!

2. Cocktail Bars

The beauty of a cocktail bar is it is just so flexible and really simple to personalise. If you have no idea where to start, then don’t panic as our Wedding Team can help you plan your perfect cocktails. If you both have a favourite cocktail then Mr & Mrs cocktails can be a really fun way to highlight your characters.

Don’t forget that mocktails can be just as fun, so if you have a lot of non-drinkers in your party, this can be a great option too!

3. Prosecco Bars

Who doesn’t love a glass of bubbly at a celebration?! Our stylish Prosecco bars (sometimes referred to as Pimp my Prosecco bars) use fruit juice and cordials along with fresh fruit and garnish to take your fizz to the next level. 

This colourful bar is a great feature for your celebration and guests will have lots of fun customising their drinks to suit their tastes. Perfect for post-ceremony or welcome drinks, this sophisticated bar is sure to stick in everyone’s memory.