Golf Terms & Conditions


Golf Club (known as ‘the Club’)
The Club is operated by Old Thorns Manor Hotel Golf & Country Estate Ltd (‘the Company’). It is a condition of acceptance of membership that the member agrees to pay the non-refundable joining fee where applicable and agrees to be bound by the membership terms and conditions. Prospective members must complete an application form. On acceptance the member will be required to pay the appropriate joining fee.
The Company reserves the right to reject an application for membership or refuse admission without ascribing any reason for doing so, this may include reasons of medical fitness. Members may be required to complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire each membership year.
On acceptance of an application a member (depending upon member type) will be provided with a membership card/bagtag which will remain the property of the Company and upon termination of membership will be returnable on demand.
Once issued the member is entitled to the privileges of membership and shall be deemed to have agreed, and to be bound by, the terms and conditions. All members must present their membership card/tag on arrival for signing in. All changes in membership details, including address, telephone number, health or bank details (if payment is made by direct debit) should be given in writing to the Club immediately, and must be communicated in writing.
The Company reserves the right to refuse admittance for a member or guest who is medically un t.
All members are required to inform the club of any changes in health status.
The Company may withdraw all, or part of the facilities for any period when required for use by the hotel, or in conjunction with any repair attention or maintenance work. Hotel residents and non-members are subject to the Company’s rules and guidelines during their stay/ visit.
All lost property will be stored by the Club for a period of one month and will then be donated to local charities and schools if appropriate.

Pay and Play



Membership joining and subscription fees shall be fixed by the Company and may be amended at any time. Notified changes in rates and rules are assumed as acceptable unless cancellation is received in writing.
Members will be notified of such changes at least one month prior to alteration.
The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March (12 months). Annual payments will be pro rata to match the membership year. Except Quick Start Membership, which is an annual payment of £200, and Corporate Membership, which runs for 12 months from the date of the signed contract.
In the event of the member terminating membership, the member is liable to pay for any outstanding subscriptions that may be due within the 12-month agreed membership period.
All joining fees, subscriptions and other receipts shall become the property of the Company. If the membership is

cancelled or terminated, the Company will make no refund in respect of any monies paid.
Membership, joining and subscription fees are non- transferable and non-refundable.

The terms of this agreement will apply to any renewal unless otherwise advised by the Company on or before the dates of such renewal.
Members must adhere to the Company rules and regulations.

Group Member Benefits

  • One complimentary round of golf at the group’s current sister venues. These include: Tracy Park, Castlemartyr, Chart Hills and The Buckinghamshire (members must book a round of golf at sister venues up to 2 weeks in advance, maximum 8 members per day per venue)
  • 20% discount on residential golf packages, subject to the venue having accommodation facilities at home venue only
  • 10% discount in all Proshops (excluding hardware and special offers) at home venue only
  • 10% discount on residential spa packages and spa days at home venue only
  • 10% discount on hotel bedrooms (B&B) at home venue only
  • 5% discount if hosting a wedding or conference at home venue at home venue only
  • Members’ guest green fee rates (which cannot be used with a residential package) at home venue only
  • Members’ guest rate buggy hire at home venue only

Please be aware the ‘Membership Benefits’ golf package cannot be used with another existing golf offer

Benefits upon Renewal

  • An exclusive members welcome box and members joining pack 3 complimentary guest green fee vouchers at home club 50% off a ticket to a tribute night
  • Proshop vouchers worth up to £75.00
  • Buy one get one free Sunday Lunch
  • 1 free buggy hire
  • Free grip and swing check
  • One complimentary ticket to the Old Thorns President’s Dinner


Payments can be made in full by cheque, cash or credit card, over the phone or by monthly direct debit.
By signing the terms and conditions you hereby agree to pay your annual membership fees either in a one-off payment for the year, or by equal monthly installments as advised within the membership rates.

The Company will collect fees and other amounts due as agreed. Any changes in the monthly payment will be notified to the member before collection. The Company also reserves the right to change payment amounts, subject to VAT increases with one month’s written notice.

Any collection of payment does not imply that the membership is in force.
If the member fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this agreement or fails to make a payment to the Company on or within 10 days of the due date (1st of each month) for payment or fails to maintain a direct debit mandate, then, and in such event, the Company may suspend the member’s membership with effect from the date on which the event of default has occurred.

Any failed direct debits will be represented on the 25th of the calendar month (except if this date falls on a weekend when the closest working day will be taken).

The membership of any member can be terminated, notwithstanding the Company’s entitlement to receive payment for outstanding subscriptions that may be due in the current membership period.

Termination by the Company:
Without notice in the event of such member committing a serious or repeat breach of the terms and conditions as may be amended from time-to-time.
Without notice any member who is deemed an unsuitable person for continued membership.
Any form of verbal or physical abuse to other parties including employees of the Company will not be tolerated, and will result in the immediate termination of membership. Disorderly, rude or offensive behaviour may result in termination of membership.
By notice in writing if any payment to the Club by the member remains unpaid 30 days after the due date for payment.
There is no obligation on the Company to give reason for any such decision to terminate membership.
Any dispute may be taken up with the golf operations manager whose decision will be final.
Membership is for an initial 12-month period. Thereafter termination of the membership must be given in writing to the club at least 30 days prior to the annual renewal date or

collection date for members paying by direct debit.
Under no circumstances will refunds be given to members who terminated their membership.
Member’s guests and visitors:
Member’s guests must always be accompanied by the member introducing them who will then be responsible for their guest’s actions and safety whilst using the Club.
A member may introduce up to three guests who will be charged the members guest rate as appropriate.
In respect of golf the same guests however may not play more than twice in any one calendar month whether the introduction is by one member or different members. The Company may refuse any guest from using the Club without any given reason. The member’s guest and visitor charges together with admission hours may vary from time-to-time.


The Company’s liability for loss, damage or theft to a member’s property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a direct result of the negligence of the Company, its staff or agents. With this exception the Company will not accept liability for the safety of personal property brought into the premises unless such property is handed to the Club reception, and a signed receipt is given. The Company reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse to store any such property. Property stored in lockers is stored at the owner’s risk, and the Company thereto will accept no liability for loss or damage.
All members and guests use the Club at their own risk. The Company cannot accept liability of any accident that may occur on the premises or within the grounds of the Company other than liability, which may result from negligence of the Company, its staff or agents. Vehicles, bicycles etc. parked or left at the Company, or car parks and all contents in them are left at the owner’s risk and the Company will accept no liability for loss or damage in respect thereof.
Members conduct:
Members or guests who willfully or negligently cause damage to the Company’s facilities or equipment will be liable for the cost of repair. Disorderly, rude or offensive behavior by members or guests may result in termination of membership, similarly cheating on the course will not be tolerated.
Golf members and their guests are expected to behave in a manner appropriate for a high-quality 4-star golf club and respect the etiquette of golf. Golfers are under a duty to take reasonable care to avoid injury to other golfers and members of the public. Golfers may be liable for any damage caused to the surrounding property. Any incident of injury or damage must be reported to the pro shop immediately.
Mobile phones are not to be used on the golf course or in the Elevation Health Club.
Members or guests may not use the facility whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs, anticoagulants, vasoconstrictors, narcotics or tranquillisers.

Course closure

There will be occasions when play is not possible due to the course being flooded, snowed under, corporate or society golf days taking place. On such occasions no refunds or allowances will be made against the membership.

Tee Time Cancellations

Cancellations must be advised to the pro shop no later than 24 hours before the tee time reserved. The Company reserves the right to charge for the tee times booked and not utilised by members, including a reduction in numbers in a tee time. There will be occasions, at busy times, when single players will not be accommodated on the golf course.


Any golf member who wishes to receive a handicap must play in at least three rounds of 18 holes with another golfer with an official handicap and submit the completed cards together with the accompanying golfer’s handicap certificate to the pro shop team.


For the purpose of this section, children are defined as less than 16 years old.
Children must be registered at the pro shop, and are subject to a child guest fee.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied on the golf course by an adult.
Children that do not hold an official handicap of 28 or less must attend an interview with the club professional before being allowed onto the golf course.

Nappy changing is only allowed in the changing rooms.
If a child requires feeding, then a member of staff must be contacted who will advise of a suitable place.
The Company reserves the right to refuse admission of a child to the Club.
Children under the age of 7 are welcome to use the opposite sex changing rooms.
Suspension of membership:
The Club is able to offer a membership suspension service to all members.
To suspend your membership you must notify the Club in writing at least one month before the due date. A suspension form must then be dated and signed by both parties. Membership suspension is available at a charge of £15 per month. Payment will be collected on a monthly basis for direct debit members or in advance for annual members. Membership can be suspended for reasons of illness, only. A written note is required from your doctor to confirm termination date.
Membership can only be suspended once per calendar year for a maximum of 3 months at one time. Any further suspension is at the discretion of the Club.
Membership cannot be suspended in retrospect in any situation.
If your membership is suspended full guest and facility fees will apply. No member benefits will apply at this time.
The terms of suspension must be met in order for this agreement to be made.
The Club requests that you ensure your records, including address and contact number, are kept up to date during this period.
 The Club reserves the right to decline membership suspension to individuals as they deem fit.

Hollow Coring Dates 2018

February 2018
Hollow Coring – 4-6 weeks for full recovery
February 27th & 28th
We will be closing 9 holes each day and players will be playing two loops of the same nine

March 2018
Hollow Coring – reserve date 12th & 13th & 14th (if weather is bad and we cannot do February 27th & 28th) – 4-6 weeks for full recovery
We will be working with temporary greens on all three days to work around the golf on the course.

April 2018
Light Top Dressing – minimal impact on the greens 1 day recovery
Light top dressing and micro tine of all greens on April 11th & 12th

May 2018
Light Top Dressing – minimal impact on the greens 1 day recovery
Light top dressing and micro tine of all greens on May 15th & 16th

June 2018
Light Top Dressing – minimal impact on the greens 1 day recovery
Light top dressing and micro tine of all greens on May 19th & 20th

July 2018

August 2018
Hollow Coring – 4-6 weeks for full recovery
August 6th & 7th
We will be closing 9 holes each day and players will be playing two loops of the same nine

Graden Work – 2-3 weeks for full recovery
August 13th & 14th
We will be working with temporary greens on both days. Some customers might get none and other might get a couple. It depends on where the greenkeepers are / size of green etc

September 2018
Light Top Dressing – minimal impact on the greens 1 day recovery
Light top dressing and micro tine of all greens on September 18th & 19th