Course Etiquette

In short, it’s about “respect”

Etiquette is an integral part of the game, defining golf’s core values . It describes the manner in which the game of golf should be played to ensure all players gain maximum enjoyment.

Make the Tee Time

If you have made a tee time, we recommend that you arrive 30 minutes early. If a tee time is missed, your group might lose its spot and will have to wait around for another opening.

Arrive early, check in and spend the time wisely by hitting a few balls on the driving range, or putting on the practice putting green to get your game going.

Dress The Part

Old Thorns Golf Club has a flexible dress code but endeavours to maintain a certain standard of dress for all members and visitors that visit the club to either play golf, practice or just visit the clubhouse.

Members and guests of Old Thorns are therefore made aware that the following are required minimum standards that must be adhered to on the golf course.

  • No Jeans
  • No t-shirts (collared shirt only)
  • Tailored shorts only (no side pockets or cargo pockets)
  • Sports socks are to be worn with shorts (preferably white)
  • No trainers (golf shoes only)
  • Shirts must be tucked in
  • Baseball hats must be worn with the peak facing the front
  • No football or rugby shirts
  • No metal spikes are allowed on the course – please allow plenty of time if you need to purchase soft spikes from the Proshop

Keep up the Pace

There is no doubt that slow play can detract from the enjoyment of the game for many golfers.

It may be that one single change in your game might not bring about huge change. However, introducing a number of the initiatives offered can and will make a difference.

  • Allow faster groups to play through
  • Be ready to play
  • Hit your ball first, then help others search
  • Always have a spare ball handy
  • Beverage cart approaching? Wave it over to where your ball is located, if possible. Play your shot, and then order. And keep the conversation brief
  • Waiting? Take as many practice swings/strokes as you want
  • Approximate yardages instead of walking them off
  • Be aware of how much time you spend looking for balls in the woods
  • Fill out the scorecard on the next tee box
  • Take every precaution to avoid walking back to the cart

Repair the Ground you Play on

Divots should always be replaced. Rake bunkers like you mean it. Ever notice that the worse the bunker shot, the poorer the job a guy does raking the sand? Make the area nice and smooth — don’t leave deep furrows from the rake. Before you exit the bunker, ask yourself, Would I be upset if I had to play from that spot?

Local Rules

All members & visitors must respect these Internal Regulations of Old Thorns. To make it easy for both our members and visitors to follow the rules of golf, we have made available below a PDF. Please use this at your convenience.