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From October, Elevation will be running group PT sessions for a 6-week period.

In this latest blog, Elevation Health Club Manager, Rob Carr, explains how the 6-week programme works and why you should get involved.

What is Group PT?

Here at Elevation, our Group PT sessions involve a 6-week intensive, results-based programme that’s specifically designed to help you to reduce body fat, improve fitness levels and develop muscle tone.

We’re finding people nowadays want personalised workouts and individual attention at an affordable price – this is where group PT sessions work perfectly.

In small groups of 3-6, you’ll work with a highly qualified coach in a friendly atmosphere through a progressive, dynamic training plan that will get you to your goals faster.

What are the advantages of training in small groups?

In a group environment, people tend to give their best. Why? Because there is more energy in a group setting and accountability is developed towards both the trainer and the group.

It’s human nature that if the person next to you is giving their maximum effort, you are more likely to do the same. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people.

How much is the 6-week programme and what’s included in the price?

You will receive 2 group PT sessions per week for 6 weeks, a nutritional programme and a workout plan to follow.

You’ll be highly motivated during this period and educated on the most cutting-edge nutritional science. You’ll learn not just what to eat, but why you’re eating it, which is incredibly important if you wish to make real, positive changes.

The cost is £200 but if you sign up before the Monday 2nd of October you can take advantage of our special early bird discount of 10%, meaning you get all this for £180.

When does it start?

The 6-week group PT starts on Monday 2nd October, 2017.

To find out more about the 6-week Group PT, contact Elevation Reception on: 01428 725 825 or email elevationreception@oldthorns.com