Team Building At Old Thorns

What Is Team Building?

Team building can be any activity that helps bring a team together and build social relations, such as taking part in problem solving or challenging activities. It can not only be a fantastic escape from the office, but also help build employee morale, increase creativity, improve communication and much more.

Here at Old Thorns we believe team building is the key to a company’s success and the most worthwhile investment you can make out of your event. Most of our teambuilding events are planned in conjunction with Firebird Events ltd, who help us offer the most comprehensive range of activities, incorporating classics and upcoming trends.

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What Are The Benefits Of Team Building

There are many proven benefits of team building for a company and many even say it is essential to building a positive atmosphere. A recent study shows that 39% of employee believe that people in their own organization don’t collaborate enough and 54% of workers said a strong sense of community kept them at a company longer than they otherwise would have stayed. The main attributes companies gain from team building are the following:

1. Increases Team Morale

When employees get the opportunity to escape the office and get to know one another in an active and thought-provoking environment, then it promotes enthusiasm and creates a sense of comradery amongst workers.

2. Encourages Creativity

Team building often involves working together to solve problems that they wouldn’t normally encounter. This helps people think about a situation from a different angle and can encourage employees to think outside the box, which can be key for a company.

3. Improves Communication

Team building can mean colleagues get to know one another on a social level which can improve trust and collaboration. If your employees are able to communicate more effectivity, then this will increase efficiency and idea sharing within the office.

4. Nurture a successful company culture

It is important for a company to create a warm and inviting company culture. This will help with not only retaining employees but hiring the best. Statistics show that 46% of job seekers cite company culture as very important when choosing to apply for a role. Team building is instrumental in building a positive environment within the workplace.

What can we do at Old Thorns?

We offer a large variety of team building options, many in collaboration with Firebird Events ltd, to suit a company’s time scale, budget, size of group and desired activity.

An example of some of our most popular teambuilding activities include…

It's A Knockout

It’s a knockout is an action-packed fun event that is amusing and challenging for participants, and highly entertaining to watch; ideal for fast and furious corporate days out or team building events.

Cocktail Making

Be prepared for some serious fun while you learn how to mix the perfect cocktail and serve in style. Our team of expert cocktail barmen will help you mix, taste and present some of the world’s most exotic and delicious drinks.

Circus Workshop

Many people have never had a chance to experiment with circus skills before. Circus skills require concentration and confidence, and our workshop offers a genuine learning experience and confidence booster.

Escape Room

An immersive team game that’s an atmospheric escape from reality, with impressive sets, challenges and some seriously satisfying air-punch moments. This experience is one of our most popular and can be played with as little as 10 people and as many as 900! It can be used as a stand alone activity or an ice breaker before or after a meal.

Art Masterclass

The group will be split into teams and will have to collect information, blueprints and paints, in addition to completing a series of mini trials including logical quizzes, puzzles, mental and visual challenges in order to create their artwork. Each teams’ canvases will come together at the end to create one renowned painting for your office wall.

Crystal maze

A tribute to the renowned show, teams must solve puzzles to earn themselves as many crystals as possible. Once the activities are complete, it’s time to take on ‘The Dome’. It is a fun, fast-paced and exciting activity that will utilise a teams’ skills of communication, logic, co-ordination, problem solving and time management.

Why Do Team Building With US

We have an experienced and dedicated team who are perfectly placed to plan and execute your team building event. Leave the hard work of planning and organizing with us for a fun and stress-free day. See your employees flourish and gain confidence with each activity.
We can facilitate both large and small groups, with a variety of function rooms and outdoor spaces. Whatever your plan or your idea, we can turn this into reality.

Want To Know More?

If you are interested in finding out more about team building events then please contact a member of our team by using the contact form below, calling 01428 738 500, or via email at