Why It Pays To Hold Your Business Meeting This August

Why It Pays To Hold Your Business Meeting This August

August is traditionally the month of the year best known in the UK for enjoying the summer holidays.

It’s a time typified by out of office auto-replies, poorly attended meetings, and where making even the slightest progress at work can seem like a Sisyphean task.

Yes, we’d all like to take a great vacation but sometimes it’s not always possible. So, how can you stay motivated and actually make your time at the office count?

Use this free time wisely

With suppliers unreachable, account managers off grid and customers busy sunning themselves on a beach somewhere, now is the perfect opportunity to get to grips with your own business.

Arranging a meeting with colleagues can solidify working relationships and provide a fantastic environment to exchange ideas and solve problems.

If you feel like your staff may need a change of scenery to help get inspired, book any residential or day meeting at Old Thorns throughout August, you’ll get your meeting room hire for free.


They say if you are not networking, you’re not working. If many of your colleagues are out of the office, it means fewer people are expecting calls and immediate responses to things.

Did you know professionals send and receive 122 emails per day?

This may be the perfect time then to reach out to other colleagues both inside or outside of your organisation to gain valuable new market insights for their return.

Want to get out of the office? Conducting a sales pitch or business meeting on the golf course is an age-old tradition, which gives you a few hours to build relationships while enjoying the sunny weather.

Take advantage of August deals

Of course, it’s way more fun being on holiday at this time of the year. But even if you’re not, your business can still reap the rewards of others taking the time off.

Our key features include: free WIFI, onsite parking, equipment hire, a fantastic buffet lunch, accommodation, health club and 18-hole golf course.

Our free meeting room hire is available to businesses when booking any residential or day meeting at Old Thorns. This offer is available from Monday to Friday throughout August.

To find out more about how we can help your business or to book your meeting room, please contact our events team on: 01428 738 500 or email: events@oldthorns.com