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Old Thorns Joins in the NHS #ScrubHero Project

Burnout is a serious problem within the NHS, where stories and reports on the increasing pressures on nurses, hospital Doctors and GPs in the challenging climate of the NHS is becoming far too frequent. A study in 2015 showed that over 50% of physicians report symptoms of burnout. The numbers are alarming.

What is a burnout?

A burnout is a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

What is the NHS going to do?

Well, they are taking steps, not only to combat burnout, but to actively promote and encourage wellbeing in their departments. Feeling valued and recognised is incredibly important for staff and one of the projects they have launched is called ScrubHero.

Scrubhero will be one of the flagship projects that the Royal Surrey County Hospital will be undertaking to improve their employees wellbeing. There are similar projects/ideas that they have also included for further development, such as their operating theatre complex and some of the communal areas. So the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford has jumped into taking action and have conducted surveys in their operating theatre and intensive care unit looking at risk of burnout in staff.

This involved a pulse survey where there were boxes and counters at the exits to the departments, one box with a happy emoji (😀) and and one with a sad emoji (🙁). Staff were asked to put a counter in the box at the end of each day over a fortnight period which reflected their mood at the time. Subsequent to this, they conducted a more in details survey (questionnaire), which sought to quantify the burnout risk in our staff further, which is ongoing.

ScrubHero will allow theatre staff members to anonymously nominate an individual who they believe has gone out of their way in the workplace. On a weekly basis, one member of staff will be awarded the title of ScrubHero and be given a prize. The nominations and winners notices will be placed in an open patient facing area.

So here at Old Thorns we wanted to get involved to support such a great cause and find ways that we could help NHS staff at the Royal Surrey Hospital who suffer from burnout. In line with the nomination for a ScrubHero, the prize we are offering to an NHS worker is free use for the day of our health club, including wellness treatments of their choice.

The recent additions of ‘wellness treatments’ to our spa packages here at Elevation Health Club to rejuvenate both mind and body include:

  • 20 Meter Pool
  • Sub-Tropical Pool
  • Sauna and Steam Room
  • Relaxation Loungers

If you’d like to find out more then visit the spa page on our website –

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