Elevation is Growing

It’s not everyday we feel the need to shout out about how awesome our onsite gym here at Old Thorns is, mainly because everyone knows it already, but we do want to share some very exciting news with you.

Elevation Health Club keeps on growing and now offers a wide range of equipment, from functional trainers to circuit and free weights.

In addition, all cardio machines boast built-in Matrix Fitness Virtual Active™ programming. At the moment there is a huge popularity of cycling and other outdoor activities, which means that our partnership with Matrix Fitness for exclusive fitness equipment is allowing the health club to create positive workout and atmosphere for all of our members that fits in with the luxury experience that Old Thorns has to offer.

When using the Virtual Active™ programming, you will feel the terrain changing under your feet, see sights of the Grand Canyon to Hawaii and hear the ambient sounds through headphones for a near total immersive experience during your workout. If you like the sound of this then you may want to get down here before anyone else finds out about Virtual Active™.

The Mega Rack...

This all sounds pretty cool right? However, this is not the biggest news to come out of the Elevation Health Club at Old Thorns.

Christmas came early (6 months to be exact) as a more youthful Santa Claus wearing a Matrix Fitness t-shirt delivered the MEGA RACK. What is the MEGA RACK I hear you say? Well, it’s a custom rack, which allows you to tailor equipment, such as the bars and weights to alter your workout. Combining this with the monkey bars linking the two rack together, this gives flexibility for the toughest athletes a rigorous workout or it gives the beginners an introduction to a different kind of workout from free weights. Packed with functionality, the MEGA RACK allows individuals to train in less space.

Elevation Health Club club trainers have taken to the MEGA RACK and got stuck in with its versatility, range of motion and group functional training. Why not come and give it a try for yourself? There is really no limit to the way we can maximise your workout.

Elevation Health Club Manager, Rob Carr, had this to say about the MEGA RACK addition to the already impressive fleet of equipment in the gym.

“Over recent years, the industry has had a shift in focus into more functional and athletic based movements with have been accelerating results of gym users and athletes. We had been searching for a piece of equipment which not only enabled Olympic based movements, but also a variety of useful attachments all in one. The MEGA RACK is the best option on the market for both small group training, classes and certainly personal training.

At Elevation Health Club, we unlike most UK gyms have a large floor space of 25,000 sq foot, which meant the MEGA RACK won’t take over the gym, instead it will add a new style to it. My team are all extremely excited to make full use of the MEGA RACK with their new classes and clients to achieve great results.