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Old Thorns’ very own Elevation Health Club will officially unveil its brand-new exercise bikes this week, as the gym studio receives a major facelift.

The Keiser M3i Exercise Bike is the ultimate machine for indoor group cycling. As well as its eye-catchingly sleek design, it’s a bike that fits riders of all body shapes and sizes and achieves a quiet – but true – road bike experience.

But what makes the M3i truly stand out compared to other exercise bikes is it’s the first of its kind to feature a Bluetooth wireless computer.

For group exercises and spin classes, data from the M3i computer will be projected on to a large display unit. With an app, riders are then able to download data from the computer about their workout to a smart phone or tablet.

A gym of the future

Elevation’s latest addition follows the arrival of the Boditrax machine – installed in November 2016 – that enables gym goers to set goals, track results and record 20 clinically validated measures in just 30 seconds.

Speaking of Elevation’s shift towards capturing more data, Health Club Manager, Rob Carr said:

“The gym experience has changed and embracing technology and a more holistic view of health is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re using the performance based results to improve members programming and tailor individual’s fitness experience to help make real and long-lasting change.

We’re very proud to say all of the equipment on the gym floor is cutting edge and as a result, we’re arguably one of the most advanced gyms in the area. The next few years of updates look very exciting for us indeed.”

The Keiser M3i Studio Launch Day

To mark the arrival of the Keiser M3i exercise bikes, Elevation is offering members and guests the opportunity to take your standard Indoor Cycling class to the next level.

On Friday 18th August, Elevations internal and external instructors will be holding 1 hour classes all day to demonstrate how the bikes work and how with the use of intelligent integration, the classes will become even more immersive and motivating.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Keiser M3i or the launch day, please contact Elevation Reception on: 01428 725 825 or email: elevationreception@oldthorns.com